The sights of Viseu

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We have had my brother and his family staying for nine days, during that time we visited a number of different places,  and had loads of pool time.

We spend a day seeing the sites in Viseu, a morning at the market, and an evening at the 40 day fair.

The river in Viseu


The main church in Viseu


The Viseu Cathedral


We spent a day visiting Fatima, a catholic shrine, and called into Coimbra for a cup of coffee.

Near the cafe in Coimbra


River and bridge in Coimbra

The cross at Fatima


The church at Fatima

Fatima church (pink stone)


We spent some time at Conimbriga viewing the Roman remains, amazing!

Mosaic floor


Another mosaic at Conimbriga


A view across the villa at Conimbriga

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