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Everyday life for British couple Tom and Lynn Hart at their holiday apartments in central Portugal

Rain and More Rain

by April 9, 2018 » Add the first comment.
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It continues to rain almost every day. We have not had much time to do any gardening as everything is soaked. Not only have we had lots of rain, but it is also very cool. It looks as though it will continue to rain off and on for the rest Read more »

Mid March 2018

by March 13, 2018 » Add the first comment.

After around 18 months of little rain, we are now getting heavy downpours, which have lasted for about a month so far. The forecast shows rain on most days until the end of March. Hopefully this will alleviate the dangers of another drought this summer. Over the last few months Read more »

January 2018

by January 14, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Another New Year, we are entering our eleventh year here and have no regrets about leaving the U.K. We spent two weeks in the Algarve over Christmas and the New Year, it was a nice break, with sunny warm weather, a little warmer than here at home. Since we have Read more »

December 2017

by November 29, 2017 » Add the first comment.
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This weekend we attended the first of the monthly Indonesian lunches which are held throughout the Winter, between Coja and Arganil. It is the first time that we have driven any distance from home since the fires in October. It was really shocking! From Tondela onwards along the IP3 nearly Read more »

Mid November 2017

by November 17, 2017 » Add the first comment.
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Still no rain of any consequence. The fires last month have left huge areas of black land and scorched trees, many people have been made homeless, and there were many deaths. We are told that many people in the village have dry bore-holes, and some of the plants in the Read more »

More October 2017

by October 21, 2017 » Add the first comment.
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The new houses opposite continue to develop. The nearest one has now had lorry loads of earth spread around it. I am hoping that heavy rain will not spread it all down our drive!  

Mid October 2017

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We returned home recently after a two week holiday, to find that there had still been little or no rain. On the Sunday after our return, there were a number of fires visible on the horizon, and it was very smokey. Monday was just terrible, initially we could not see Read more »

October 2017

by September 16, 2017 » Add the first comment.
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After a long dry Winter, we have had a long hot Summer! The dry hot weather has been with us for months and there is a severe drought. For the first time since we came ten years ago, the stream below us has dried up. There  have  been a huge Read more »