Mid April 2016

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The unusually cold weather continues, together with heavy downpours and strong cold winds. Strangely this is interspersed with sunny spells, which can be quite warm if the wind drops. We have not been able to do as much work in the garden as we would have liked, as it has either been too wet or too cold. So we will probably have to hire some help in order to be clean and tidy before our first guests arrive. There is still a lot of snow on the mountains, and if the cold continues we will have to provide some sort of heating for the guests. This will be the first time we have had to do this. Building work continues opposite Adega do Branco, although it probably is as we were told a single story dwelling, it follows the Portuguese pattern. That is a basement, a garage and storage level, and a living level. It is beginning to look quite large. I hope it will blend in well when it is finished.


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