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Day on the Douro

by August 20, 2011 » Add the first comment.
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Whilst the family were here we also spent a day on the Douro, up to Pinhao and then down to Regua, with lunch at The Vintage House. A really nice day out! On the way back to the airport we spent another afternoon in Porto, the cable car was a Read more »

The sights of Viseu

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We have had my brother and his family staying for nine days, during that time we visited a number of different places,  and had loads of pool time. We spend a day seeing the sites in Viseu, a morning at the market, and an evening at the 40 day fair. Read more »

Enjoying the local area

by October 20, 2010 » Add the first comment.
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A couple of pictures which illustrate the local area beautifully. See our advert at http://www.holiday-rentals.co.uk/p480891

Carnival Day

by February 25, 2009 » Add the first comment.
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Today is a public holiday, many communities put on a carnival parade. We visited our own in Guimaraes this afternoon. In the evening we went into Viseu and watched a much larger parade, which