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Celebrating our first year

by December 8, 2008 » Add the second comment.
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Well we have been here for a whole year now, it certainly doesn’t feel that long. We have now signed a contract for the geo-thermal heating, and the builders have been back for the last week or so. They are getting the large ground floor of the Adega ready so Read more »

Easter in the village

by March 24, 2008 » Add the first comment.

The whole area has reverberated to the sound of fireworks since Saturday night. The locals seem to celebrate Easter with a visit from the local clergy, who are looking for a donation, they come round the villages ringing bells. They are followed by a number of people from the village Read more »

Loving the peace and quiet

by March 10, 2008 » Add the first comment.

We have now been here for slightly over three months, and we love it! Although some nights are quite cold, the majority of the days, when the sun comes out are warm. We both have quite good tans. The peace and quiet here is really relaxing. There is no through Read more »

A New Year in a new Country

by January 9, 2008 » Add the first comment.

We have now been here for just over a month. The weather has changed to something more akin to the U.K. Cool, damp and overcast with some rain showers. But we are not complaining, and the country needs the water. Yesterday a further delivery of our furniture arrived, this was Read more »

Portugese weather

by December 19, 2007 » Add the first comment.

As seems to be common around the world the weather here at the moment is not as would be usually expected. We have had ten days of glorious sunshine since we arrived, but November which is normally pretty wet was largely dry, and has continued on through December. This is Read more »

Now Living in Portugal

by December 18, 2007 » Add the first comment.

We have been here for around ten days now and have hardly stopped since we arrived. The weather has been almost unbroken sunshine during the day, and cold clear nights. That all changed today, which started overcast and cold, and it is now raining and quite cold. We have had Read more »

Moved to Portugal

by December 17, 2007 » Add the second comment.

At long last we have moved lock, stock and barrel. We left Little Norton at 7am on 5th December and travelled on the train under the channel. It took the best part of three days to drive down, raining all through France and most of Northern Spain. We arrived late Read more »

Contact Details Update

by November 29, 2007 » Add the first comment.

Lynn & Tom Hart Quinta Sao Domingos, Rua Da Capela, Guimaraes, Sao Pedro de France, Viseu 3505-350 Portugal. 00351 232 924 154 Mob. 00351 91635 8877 00351 232 924 154 lynnhart49@gmail.com