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Grape-picking in the village

by October 15, 2013 » Add the first comment.
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The weather improved a little and everyone in the village has been out grape-picking. We helped at one of the large vineyards in Silvares, and as usual were rewarded, along with about 50 others, with a large enjoyable lunch. We also helped our neighbours, and eventually got round to picking Read more »

Grapes ripen and figs are drying

by September 25, 2013 » Add the first comment.
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We’re coming to the end of another long hot summer here. We have spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, and have cultivated lovely tans. The grapes are ripening and will be ready to pick in the next few days. Figs are drying in the sun and the Read more »

Take care chopping firewood

by February 2, 2012 » Add the first comment.

Following on from the last post, about three weeks ago the lady from the village who helps with our cleaning, was helping her husband chop fire-wood. Somehow he managed to chop off the little finger on her left hand, they had to wait about half an hour for the ambulance, Read more »

An eventful start to 2012

by January 14, 2012 » Add the first comment.
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A lot has happened since a very pleasant Christmas spent with Hugh & Jane in Parada da Gonta. The weather although cold at night has in the main been sunny and warm during the day. I have been out in the garden pruning trees, and one day I heard Emilia Read more »

Harvesting olives, bottling wine

by December 5, 2011 » Add the first comment.

Winter is here again.  Today is overcast, misty,drizzly, and cold!  However to date although we have had some very wet days during November, the weather has also been sunny and warm for some of the time. We have been doing some work in the garden, visiting friends and generally enjoying Read more »

Wine bottling

by September 10, 2011 » Add the first comment.
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A steady stream of guests, and largely good weather. However last week-end was wet, and today is cool and cloudy, not normal! We helped our friends bottle 2500 bottles of wine, and visited Belmonte. There was a castle and some museums, the town contains the largest Jewish settlement in Portugal. Read more »

Guests begin to stay

by June 21, 2011 » Add the first comment.

We have started to have guests staying, and were very pleased to receive the following: ‘Thlop’ fell the orange on the chicken’s head. ‘Clat’ dropped the walnut by the poolside. Gorse smelling as coconut. Fresh lemons and faded jasmine in the air. Our May holiday at Quinta Sao Domingos Read more »

Incubating chickens

by April 23, 2011 » Add the first comment.
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Do please check out our holiday apartments. April has been a month of two halves as far as the weather is concerned. The first half of the month was hot and sunny, but the last few days have been cool and very wet. There’s no doubt we needed the rain, Read more »