After a very long wait we thought that this week we would at long last have our central heating and hot water. However we now find that the electricity supply is not adequate to run the heat pump. The heating company say that they told the electrician the details of the heat pump months ago, but nothing has been done. So we will now have to wait an indeterminate period for arrangements to be made to increase the electricity supply.

In the meantime the painters finished this week, and the carpenters have almost finished the wardrobes. We hope that in another week or so we will have finished with people working here, and will at long last have a bit of peace and quiet.

Wardrobe in our office.

Work almost finished
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One thought on “Work almost finished

  • February 27, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I think that you must have the patience of a Saint! probably a portuguese one!!

    I like the wardrobe but would rather fill it with clothes than paperwork!

    Hope you are both well and will soon be in your apartment – you deserve it.



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