Still no rain of any consequence! The whole country is in a state of drought, but on the plus side the weather is lovely, warm and sunny. Spring has really sprung, with flowers and blossom appearing everywhere. I have added some pictures of our blossom below. Hugh is back in hospital again with post-operative complications. We went to help on his vineyards last week, but I have to admit after a few hours work I was really knackered. Tipsy whose picture is also below has been attacked yet again by one of the local cats, but this time has been wounded and has been leaking pus from the wound since yesterday. We may have to take her to the vet if it doesn’t improve. The overgrown land to the north of the Quinta has been sold at last, allegedly for a very small amount, compared to the asking price. Yesterday a man with a tractor and flail started on the brambles, and today he has been joined my a small digger. It’s starting to look a lot better, and we can see terraces which were not visible before.


North of the Quinta



Red camelia



Plum tree





Tipsy relaxing


Spring has really sprung
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