A little less rain during the last week or so, some lovely sunny days, but change is coming, we are forecast freezing temperatures over-night and maybe even a little snow next week. Since the rain started we have been reminded of the leaks which became evident during last years wet winter. Antonio has just spent half an hour on the roof of the Adega removing a couple of birds nests and re-fitting tiles around the chimney, hopefully this will improve things. Over the kitchen however he points out that the tiles are actually disintegrating and will need replacing, I have asked him to do the whole of the kitchen roof in the Spring, along with a lot of repainting of the varnished external wood.

In mid October I became so frustrated with the appalling broadband offering from PT that I took the plunge and moved to a 4G signal from Optimus. So far I have been very happy with the speed we are getting, with PT we never got more than 1meg, I am pleased to say we now get between 10 and 20meg. It makes using the internet so much more of a pleasure.

Change is coming
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