Winter is here again.  Today is overcast, misty,drizzly, and cold!  However to date although we have had some very wet days during November, the weather has also been sunny and warm for some of the time. We have been doing some work in the garden, visiting friends and generally enjoying ourselves. Tragically our friend Fraser died last week, and Rob and Fi have had a very difficult few days.

On a brighter note, we have after some deliberation changed our car for a new one. We both loved our Land Rover Discovery, but it was beginning to age, was expensive to run, insure, and tax and something more economical was indicated. So we are now the proud owners of a Honda Jazz, not as big or luxurious as the Discovery, but much more practical, for what are mainly short trips down to Viseu.

Christmas is looming ever closer, and we are looking forward to Christmas Day at Hugh and Jane’s in Parada da Gonta. We spent a day with Catherine and John last week giving a bit of help with their Olive harvest, however we do not find it as enjoyable as the grape harvest. On which subject, we have bottled the 2010 wine, and have 250 litres of this year’s wine in the tank.

We already have 7 weeks bookings for next year, and hope for a few more!


Harvesting olives, bottling wine
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