A difficult month, still waiting for EDP to increase the electricity supply, and yet more rain and wind.

We have seen very little of the sun this month and the country has experienced some strong storms. Happily we have only suffered a couple of power cuts of about four hours, but our friends were without power for 48 hours and saw hundreds of trees blown down. Lynn and I have been quite ill for the last few days with bad head colds. Lynn became so bad that our friend Fiona and I took her to hospital yesterday, she is a little improved today.

Over the weekend Hugh and Jane moved furniture around for us, so that we could at least look as though we are nearly ready to open. This was needed due to a visit yesterday and today from an inspector for the Holiday Property Bond Tenancy Program. She seemed pleased with what we have to offer and I hope we will be able provide a good partnership.

Almost ready to open
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