The weather has been a little cool for the last few days but very pleasant. Today the sun is out and it is already getting warm, and the forecast is in the high 20’sC. We are eagerly awaiting our first guests this year who arrive on the 19th May. From then on, at this point in time we have 22 weeks booked, and hopefully more to come.

We went with some friends to Linhares on Saturday, for lunch at a restaurant called Cova da Loba, we all thought it was the best food we have had in Portugal so far.

During August last year we discovered a few of the mosaic tiles in the swimming pool were coming off. We pointed this out to our builder and asked if he could repair them out of season. Well he did do the repairs last week and we are now in the process of re-filling the pool which takes one heck of a lot of water.

Views of Linhares

Awaiting first guests
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