It’s still raining! There have been few if any days this year when it has not rained at all, and some of the rain has been very heavy. It´s obviously no good for root vegetables, but I am told it will not harm the grapes or olives. In fact it will probably help most things when we actually get some sun, and it will keep things looking green for longer in the hot summer.

We are beginning to see some bookings for the holiday apartments for this summer, and it won´t be long before we begin to prepare to receive guests. I was talking to a Portuguese chap the other day, and he was saying the weather was similar about 10 years ago. He then went on to say that when he was a child most winters were like this one. Funny, I remember the Thames flooding quite badly most winters when I was a child, and not just a couple of feet and for prolonged periods of time!

Still raining!
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