This year for the first time since we arrived in Portugal we spent Christmas day at home. We were joined by Jane and Hugh and Caroline and Tomas, Lynn spent nearly the whole day in the kitchen, but we had a fabulous lunch, and I lived on the left overs for four days! On Christmas Eve we popped down to the neighbours to deliver a couple of presents, as usual the whole family was there, we stayed for about an hour and then left.

On New Years Eve (Lynn´s birthday) we were both watching the TV in our pyjamas, ready for an early night when we were asked to attend Jose and Emilia´s celebrations. Once again the whole family was there, and we had a huge meal and then spent the rest of the evening playing games. They really are the best neighbours!  No guests in our four  self catering holiday apartments for Christmas this year.

Christmas at Quinta Sao Domingos
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