It´s been over a year since I last wrote, and during that time the world has changed! Portugal has been relatively lucky, and has not had (as yet) a huge number of deaths. We have spent the last year or so relaxing and enjoying our retirement, and welcoming guests to our self-catering apartments. Our biggest problem of late has been the swimming pool. Ever since it was installed about ten years ago ( how time flies) we have been plagued with tiles coming off. They are small and for the first few years I was able to get them stuck back on, In the last couple of years the numbers have increased dramatically and last year the pool began to leak. In October we arranged with a company to have a new silicone based covering applied. We went to see another pool that had been done, and the owner was very happy with it. We had hoped that the work could be done over the winter. However a full week of dry weather is required and since October until now we have not had one! It has been the longest, wettest winter we have experienced since we came here. So at this point we are still waiting, and hoping it will be soon. The only good thing about the current pandemic is that we currently have no guests, and don´t expect to have any for a few months. So we are not upsetting them by having no pool.

First Post this Year 05/2020

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