Well, what a year 2020 was! We have spent nearly the whole year staying in the house, only venturing out for essential food shopping, or visiting the doctor. We have had no guests, and only a couple of visits from friends. As far as I know no one in the village has Covid, but the recent rise in infections is of considerable concern. I have no idea what 2021 will bring. If we are lucky we may be vaccinated by the end of February, and this may offer some protection. I am so thankful that this has all happended at a time in our lives when we have finished work. The huge numbers of people who are going to be out of work this year will cause severe problems all around the world. I am not confident that we will have any guests this year, but we will have to wait and see. Of course Britain has now left the European Union. I don´t think that will make much difference to us, but it has already affected our ability to buy from Britain over the internet. Here´s hoping for a better 2021.

January 2021

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