After around 18 months of little rain, we are now getting heavy downpours, which have lasted for about a month so far. The forecast shows rain on most days until the end of March. Hopefully this will alleviate the dangers of another drought this summer.

Over the last few months there has been a lot of work done in Outero and Moimenta, installing main drainage. This work has now moved to completing a connection to the  network which this village has had for many years. A few weeks ago most of the access road to Guimaraes was dug up and pipes laid and manholes created.  Now they are starting to dig from the top of the village to create a connection. I suspect this may take a week or two, and will probably mean the road is closed. When complete the state of the road will be quite rough and potholed, previous experience suggests it will stay like that for a very long time! When this work is complete, I believe there is a possibility that the half dozen or so houses across the valley from us will get their connection. This will involve laying a pipe across the stream and connecting to an access point on our road outside the Adega. Hopefully not too much disruption.

Mid March 2018

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