We’re coming to the end of another long hot summer here. We have spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, and have cultivated lovely tans. The grapes are ripening and will be ready to pick in the next few days. Figs are drying in the sun and the maize has been harvested.

I said in the last entry that we had seen a fire close to the Quinta, this was surpassed on the 22nd by a fire on the slope the other side of the valley which burned all afternoon. We watched the helicopter dropping water for a about two hours, and it was only when it unexpectedly left that we realised there was a huge fire over towards Santos Evos. Both fires burned until dusk, but happily were out the following morning. A huge debt is owed to the Portuguese firefighters!


Red grapes in the garden


White grapes, nearly ready.


Figs drying in the sun.


Fire across the valley.


Fire at Povolide.


Grapes ripen and figs are drying
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