February 2016

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This has been a very interesting Winter from the weather point of view, we had a very long Autumn, lasting almost until Christmas, and then a few days of exceptionally heavy rainfall. Since we returned in mid January we have had a week of overcast and damp days and a couple of days of really heavy rain. Today, after a wet day yesterday, the sun is out and it´s quite pleasant but cold, and we have frosts forecast for the next few days.

The ground opposite now has a new storage shed, and the lower half of the land has all just been cleared, we understand this is the first time in 50 years. It all goes to improve the view and gives a more cared for look to the whole area. Last month the area around the small pool where the ladies do their washing was also cleared, another improvement.

I had a problem with my tractor mower on our return from holiday, and had to mow the lawns twice with a small push mower, very hard work! The problem appeared to be the battery so I removed it and attached it to a charger, this seemed to have no effect, so I asked our neighbour´s son-in-law if he could arrange for a service, as he has done once before. He decided to take the battery to see if he could get a replacement, in a few days it was returned with a message saying it was O.K. I spent a bit of time making sure it was connected properly, using new nuts and bolts, low and behold it works! I have had the mower for about 12 years and bought it second hand, so I am now considering the possibility of a new one. The big problem will be getting it here from the U.K. as the cost of them here is prohibitive.

The building of the new house on the corner continues, as usual I am not sure I understand exactly what is going on. Having raised the ground and levelled it, they have built a concrete reinforced basement? They are now starting to build walls higher with large pieces of granite. At the moment it doesn´t look great but we will await developments.




Steel re-inforcing

Steel re-inforcing

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