We went off for a week to the beautiful Azores, and had a lovely time including a morning whale watching. We saw two sperm whales a fin whale and bottlenose and common dolphins. We visited some gardens on the island which were really spectacular. I expect we will return there again and maybe visit some of the other islands. Meanwhile there was more rain while we were away, and everything is so green, today we have hot sun and temperatures in the high twenties. After keeping the swimming pool empty for the winter, we have now repaired the missing tiles and done a lot of re-grouting, so now the long period of re-filling begins. Update, a week later, the pool is now about half full, as we have visitors due next Thursday we may have to use mains water to finish the filling. Yesterday was a National Holiday, and we were invited to a party by our neighbours, it took place in the village association hall. There were about 100 guests in total, as usual there was a lot to eat and we came home full of food around 5.30, after a most enjoyable afternoon. Work on the new house has now reached the stage where to roof is being tiled. We are still getting periods of rain and the weather is quite cool for the time of year.


Late May 2016

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