We have now been here for slightly over three months, and we love it! Although some nights are quite cold, the majority of the days, when the sun comes out are warm. We both have quite good tans.

The peace and quiet here is really relaxing. There is no through traffic noise, and you can hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing when sat out in the sun. The only interruption to the silence is the noise made by the various vans which visit the village selling, bread, fish, meat, and vegetables. They announce themselves by leaning on the horn or playing loud music, but it doesn’t detract from the overall peace. The only other noises are the occasional dog barking, chickens clucking, or one of the small tractors moving around the fields. Nearly all the locals spend most of their time in their small fields tending the vines, olive trees, orange and lemon trees, other fruit trees, and vegetables, mainly cabbage.

We often see the local ladies doing their washing in the stream, or carrying items on their head. It really is a delight to be here!

We are currently waiting for our building licence to be granted, it was applied for on the 21st February. When are we likely to get it? Who knows?

Loving the peace and quiet
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