Mid November 2018

We have been here now for nearly eleven years, it certainly doesn’t feel that long, it is definitely home. This has been a very varied year, one of our worst for visitors, although for Portugal generally one of the best. It was wet well into June, and then we had a very hot summer until the end of October. There were few fires in the area we can see from the garden, possibly because there is not much left to burn. We are getting a steady stream of bookings for next year, a little surprising given the general unsettled feeling due to Brexit. We have had the gardeners in this week to clear up ready for Winter, and luckily this week has been sunny and warm, following a week of rain, which on Sunday was continuous. The three new buildings and one renovation in the village are now largely finished, and very nice they look. There has been some activity during the last week opposite to us, the other side of the stream. I believe they will soon be connecting the main drainage from the other side of the village, to the mains which run past us. I hope it will not disrupt our access for too long, and will not leave a mess!

Mid November 2018
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